Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Clockwork Orange

O my brothers, I must skazat an appypolly-loggy, for to you these statements are simply chepooka and gloopy, but to me it's choodesney. You most likely don't pony what I govoreet. Its purpose isn't to razdrez you, so don't gooly away yet. I came up with this idea for my first blog post after many minootas of cally messels running through my mozg, and then this horrorshow messel (I hope) came to jeezny, in hopes of making you skirk your gulliver and lose your rassoodook.

Enough with the Nadsat, hopefully you grasped the gist of that paragraph, even though it contained a number of words you've probably never heard (unless you've read A Clockwork Orange or speak Russian). Before reading any further or google searching to find out what any of that meant, in your post (if you plan on posting, if not just do it in your head) type out the gist of the previous paragraph, don't retype anything out word for word, just a short summary.

So even though you have no idea what those nonsense words mean, you could hopefully get a basic understanding of the paragraph. So how did you go about getting a general idea of this gibberish? Simply put, I'd say your subconscious disregards the nonsense words and pieces together the context of the words you do understand. When you read the sentences, did you try and attach an English word to each Nadsat word? You most likely didn't, as there are many words and you don't want to waste your time. The likely happening is that your subconscious went to work, translating the context into ideas while ignoring the nonsense.

Well this is bringing me to my point: Each person contains their own thought-language; a specific way of thinking that really only makes sense to themselves. Words are what our thought-languages are translated into in order to make sense to others. My thoughts were translated into words, where in your brain they were translated into your own thought-language. Your thought-language filled in the blanks from the nonsensical word language. Makes sense? Perfect! If not, it was simply because my thoughts weren't being translated correctly.