Saturday, January 16, 2010

One can't collapse probability waves with closed eyes ∴ we dream

First step: watch this video
Second step: reassemble your shattered brain
Third step: rewatch the video if it pleases you
Fourth step: make a searching and fearless inventory of yourself

So class, what have we learned? Basically that Rob Bryanton is the only good thing about Regina. This video brings up many different possible discussion topics, which I plan on using as other blog posts sometime in the 4th quarter of 2015. But in this particular blog will focus on the probability of life, not the probability of life existing, but how our lives are made of probabilities.

Although I must stress the scientific legitimacy of this video because as far as I know, there is none. The experimentation and testing would be a tad difficult (1.21 gigawatts), but nonetheless it provides us with an entirely different way of viewing our life and time.

Basically what this theory is saying is that anything that can happen does happen, we only view one of the events happening. If I flip a coin there are three main probabilities that can occur: the can lands tails up, heads up, or on it's side. The probability of landing on it's side isn't likely but is included to understand this. Let's say you have a 48% chance of a tails, 48% of heads, and 2% chance of it landing on the side (I know that's not right). So when you flip a coin you could say your line of time gets separated into 100 other lines, 48 in which the coin lands heads up, 48 tails, and 2 on the side. So rather than 1 coin flip equaling one result, as occurring in an arrow line of time (as opposed to a branching tunnel view of time), 1 coin flip would yield 100 results, only one of which we see. This means that at every possible instant there are alternate lines of time branching off. As I sit here deciding what my next point should be, there is already a parallel Michael who has created that sentence, and from that Michael other numerous Michaels, maybe one who deleted the sentence.

This idea can seem a little farfetch (I'm not even sure if I have the idea explained correctly), feel free to do your best to disprove it as it seems more likely to disprove than prove (Hey, Jim I attached this here rope to my waist, I'mma hop on through the 6th dimension. If I'm yankin' on the rope it means pull me out cause this reality if infested with dinosaurs.) But it certainly a distinct way of viewing everything.